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Did you know?

  • YVRA is one of  three 10,000 ft runways west of the front range.
  • YVRA does not receive any funding from the Routt County General Fund and pays c. $450,000 each year to Routt County for Administrative Services.

What role does YVRA play in the Yampa Valley?

  • 70% of the winter vacation visitors arrive through YVRA.
  • More than 25% of the sales tax revenue attributed to YVRA.
  • Key asset is the development of location neutral businesses.
  • Key to access for Yampa Valley based businesses, residents and oil/gas companies.
  • FEDEX and UPS air shipping point.
  • Directly and indirectly employed 433 people during the winter season.
  • 186,672 people used the airport in 2013/2014.
  • Exceptional access to visitors for advertisers.
  • Access point to/from Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Newark, Houston, DFW, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC and many other destinations connecting to these cities.
  • YVRA is the 7th busiest commercial airport in Colorado
  • c. $25M in federal and state grants and program funds were pumped into the local economy between 2006 and 2013
  • Phase III Terminal Project $3.5M in 2010, c. $3.5M in 2011 and c. $2M in 2012.
  • Runway Rehabilitation project, $16M in 2014
  • 1.2 million gallons of Aircraft fuel sold at YVRA in 2013

According to 2013 CDOT Economic Impact Study

  • Annual Direct Impact of of $62,331,000
  • GA Visitor Output  Impact of $25,635,000
  • Commercial Service Visitor Output Impact of $211,364,000
  • Estimated Tax Receipts inked to the operation of YVRA $14,100,000

Total Economic Contribution to the Community driven by YVRA of $299.3 million in output and 3,034 jobs, with an annual payroll of 104.9 million.